Summer Time & The Liven's Easy!

Summer is here and we are excited to start launching summer products. Something about summer brings out the youth in everyone, young and old. Sring revitalizes the mind, body, and spirit and wakes us up for summer!

With summer, comes the beach, drinking, sports and much more! We literally can't wait so we created this Summer Beach Bag to reflect how we feel.

This is a post we literally posted 5 minutes ago on Facebook. 

We hope to see you guys back here multiple times this spring and this summer as we start building out our summer collection!

Thanks for all of the support! We know we have touched the lives of so many people already and we are excited to continue the journey.

Comfort. Simplicity. Happiness.

This summer the three goals above might involve a lot of relaxation, sunbathing and recreational sports or recreational partying! Or a healthy combination of all of the above.

We will see you guys soon! Until then, adios amigos!